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A virtual studio that brings the best

of Barre and Yoga to your home.

The Pro Membership offers...


Getting access to over 250 on-demand classes and weekly interactive Live sessions to enjoy from the comfort of your home or office.

Committing to a workout regime that is low impact, safe, enjoyable and will guarantee you the results you are after - both physically and mentally.

Gaining the confidence to embrace the best version of yourself through expert guidance and full supervision.

Joining a community of inspiring, thriving, like-minded people who love life, movement and hold each other accountable.

Spending your dedicated workout time for just that, your workout.

No stressful commute, no sweaty premises, no chit-chats.

Having the flexibility to work out any time, anywhere, from any device.

Sharing the fun (and burn!) with your family members and making it a team effort.


Test before you invest. Try FREE for 7 days.

Meet The Pro


Zhivka Slavova


Hey you,

It’s lovely to meet you!

After more than 10 years of teaching clients at London’s best boutique studios and privately I am beyond excited to welcome you to my online wellness platform and bring the best of Barre and Yoga to your home. This virtual space is created with YOU in mind to help you fall in love with exercise and empower you to reach your highest potential.

Helping clients to develop and sustain better movement patents, truly enjoy their workouts and live a happy, injury-free life aligned with their goals has always been my driving force and I can’t wait to start your transformational journey today!


Private Tution

  • online or in-person 1:2:1 training from the comfort of your home

  • fully qualified expert guidance you can trust and rely on

  • work out on your terms and at your own pace 

  • non-intimidating, encouraging approach to help you build strength and confidence in no time

  • whether you are new to barre or yoga, are pregnant, recovering from an injury or working on building stamina and endurance for other disciplines, these sessions are tailored to your own unique needs

  • whatever your goals, The Yoga Barre Pro has you covered!


Live Classes

  • live interactive sessions mean I can fully supervise you throughout the class and offer appropriate corrections and modifications as needed 

  • the classes are hosted via Zoom, so you work out in real time with people from all over the world while being motivated and challenged by your coach

  • each workout is different from the last and designed to work every muscle in your body for optimal and sustainable results  



  • stream your favorite workouts at your convenience 

  • all live classes are recorded and saved to the on-demand video library. Additionally we regularly upload videos from different formats and length to give you plenty of options to choose from, help you perfect your technique and vary your workouts

  • enjoy unlimited access to all class recordings - from short, few minutes-long sequences to full hour workouts and 75 minute yoga flows

  • scheduled challenges to keep you motivated, engaged, able to track your progress and to help you stay on top of your fitness 

Fall in love with movement. Develop a stronger, healthier, happier you.

The Yoga Barre Pro membership offers the perfect blend of strength and flexibility.

Jenny L.

”Zhivka creates a safe, friendly atmosphere where exercise is actually really fun and enjoyable! She is an experienced instructor and has an extensive repertoire of class sequences to draw upon, all designed with the perfect balance of challenge & restoration for the body. I really love that every class is different and challenges me in a different way, every muscle is  certainly taken care of! 

I always leave feeling uplifted, positive, stronger, taller and accomplished! 

I highly recommend Zhivka’s classes ” 

Toby C.

“I have had barre and yoga tuition from Zhivka for several years and can honestly say the results have been outstanding, both physically and mentally. The quality of instruction was always top class, and the ability to push the class and individual to their collective limits was always achieved with great positivity and energy. From someone who has exercised for many years, I can't recommend her instruction enough“

Nelly D.

“I can't recommend Zhivka's classes highly enough! I discovered barre thanks to Zhivka and have been going to her classes for the past 6 years. She is an absolute pro at what she does. Every class is different and she brings top professionalism, contagious positive energy and makes you feel personally looked after. I leave every class feeling recharged and stronger, both physically and mentally. What makes Zhivka stand apart is her ability not only to teach amazing, engaging classes but also to create a community around her. It's this community that kept all of us going through the past year. Whether it's online or in person, Zhivka's classes will change your life for the better!”

What Clients Say

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