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One class, targets all muscles. 

Suitable for any body, any time, any device, anywhere.

About The Yoga Barre Pro

After many years of teaching classes in one of the world’s biggest and busiest metropolis, I understand how important it is to make every second of your workout count. And how sacred self-care is. All my classes are focused on core strength and correct alignment, target all muscle groups and will empower you to push your limits and leave your comfort zone.

The Yoga Barre Pro offers variety of inspiring, fun and efficient class formats, intelligently sequenced and delivered to the highest standard. You get the best of Barre and Yoga in the convenience of your home or office. Every class is different, so your body is constantly challenged and your mind - fully engaged.

Meet Zhivka


Welcome to my online wellness platform!

This is a safe space created to empower you through exercise, inspire you to learn new techniques, to make self-care a priority and become the best version of yourself.

Before you dive into the on-demand library let me quickly introduce myself...

I am originally from Bulgaria, based in Richmond UK where I’ve spent the last 17 years.

I am a fully qualified Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga yoga teacher, Barre instructor and Mentor, Pre & post-natal and Rehab coach with more than 10 years of practice and self-development.

I am currently training to become Inner leadership coach & NLP Practitioner.

I’ve spent the last decade teaching group and private classes at London’s top high-end studios and gyms, running Barre instructor training courses and leading fitness and yoga retreats all around the world. I have also been working closely with athletes and coaching clients from all ages through their injury recovery.

My relationship with Barre started at Barreworks in Richmond, UK’s first independent Barre and Ballet studio, where I trained with  founder Vicki Anstey in 2013. I soon became Senior instructor with waitlisted classes and was invited to become a Studio Manager in 2017.

Over the years I have built a loyal community of wonderful people from all ages and areas of life who understand and appreciate the importance of regular exercise.

I’m extremely happy to have you join!


Why Yoga?

My love for yoga started over 14 years ago when I was feeling lost, not happy with my job, not quite feeling myself or confident in my own skin. I knew something had to change and I was ready to commit to a sustainable self-care regime that could keep not only my body strong, but also my mind.


Through my yoga practice I discovered a safe space to explore my uniqueness, build strength and flexibility, accept myself fully and unconditionally and...find my purpose.

The lessons we learn on the mat have the power to transform our lives in the direction we desire.

Are you ready to start your transformation today?

What is Barre?

I discovered barre while searching for a low impact workout to help me build my core strength and endurance.


As someone who is hyper mobile and naturally enjoys stretching I needed some stability work to counter balance and give my body the muscle and joint health, long term. I was immediately captivated by this fast pace, musically driven exercise method that highlights muscle imbalances and pushes me out of my comfort zone.


It’s a safe form of exercise that builds stamina and functional mobility, improves posture, prevents injuries and creates healthy movement patterns. And the best thing is you can do it wherever you are!

Over the years my passion for yoga, mindfulness and fitness was complemented by other disciplines like dance, meditation, pilates, ballet and I’ve incorporated them into my practice to create a unique flow and intuitive teaching style.


Have questions?  Want to learn more?

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Katherine L.

“I started attending Zhivka’s barre classes after having my second child 5 years ago. I was looking for something a bit different to get myself back into exercise and I was instantly hooked! I had not previously done anything like this before but even for someone new you could easily follow the class. They are a perfect all body workout. I have found that my body has became more toned, Stronger and increased my balance and body awareness. 5 years later no class is the same and my body stills feels like it has had a complete workout after each class! Over the past year I have continued the classes online and have also taken up Zhivka’s yoga classes. Both classes have helped me stay positive, given me a chance to reset and improved my mental health. I cannot recommend Zhivka’s classes enough and I look forward to every class!”

Sally P.

“Zhivka is a wonderfully gifted teacher. I have been taking her barre classes for many years and more recently practicing yoga with her and I never cease to marvel how she can give verbal prompts so perfectly to improve your posture and effectiveness of an exercise or position. She has seamlessly transferred her teaching online when required. Her classes always give me a fabulous increase in energy and mood enhancement and over the years my strength and stability has greatly improved. Zhivka has the most generous character and spirit and is so supportive of her clients and their abilities.”

Natalie K.

“As someone who has been devoted to running for most of my life, I wanted to find something else to compliment it, I then discovered barre and immediately fell in love with with this low impact yet super effective work out. 

I have attended Zhivka’s classes regularly for many years and I can honestly say I feel stronger both physically and mentally. Zhivka is a wonderful instructor. She is very knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I attended classes during all 3 of my pregnancies and Zhivka tailored the classes to suit the different stages of my pregnancy and yet still kept them challenging. I kept my energy levels up, kept active and felt great! 

Post pregnancies, I have noticed real improvement in both tone and flexibility and even my husband has commented on my improved posture! 

I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with barre and more importantly the amazing Zhivka. I thoroughly recommend her classes both for beginners and the more advanced barre enthusiast.”

What Clients Say

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