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  • When will I receive the Zoom link?
    In order to access the Live stream link for the class, you will need to make a booking via The Yoga Barre Pro booking page. You will find the Zoom link in your booking confirmation email, as well as in the “purchases” section on your account page. You will also receive a reminder email containing the Zoom link 30 minutes before the class.
  • Do I have to have my camera on?
    It is optional and entirely up to you to have your camera on. However, we recommend having it on so Zhivka is able to see and supervise you throughout the class, give you any corrections on alignment, offer appropriate modifications and motivate you to keep going! This is the beauty of Live classes!:-)
  • Can I join the classes when pregnant?
    Most classes are open to pregnant women and we do encourage exercise during all stages of pregnancy and post-partum. Zhivka has a vast experience in teaching pregnant clients and will provide you with guidance and appropriate modifications as needed. Before joining however, please speak to Zhivka directly to chat about what you can and shouldn’t do in class as well as confirming that you’ve discussed it with your GP. We also offer private 1:2:1 sessions tailored to your needs where you can work out at your own pace and at a time that works best for you. Contact Zhivka to arrange a class just for you.
  • How do I access the On-Demand video library?
    Click on the ‘Videos’ tab at the top of the Cloudstudios home page and it will take you directly to the library.
  • What equipment do I need?
    All equipment in our classes is optional. You can absolutely do all workouts without any equipment and using body weight alone. However if you wish to make the most out of your training and challenge yourself further, I’d encourage you to use a few useful pieces of equipment to help you get the results you are after and add variety to your training. You can easily store these at home or take them with you on vacation. Click here and scroll down to find the equipment recommendations in classes.
  • Is it okay if I leave a few minutes early?
    If you really have to go and are unable to make the whole class that is no problem. In that case please do make sure that you do your own cooldown and stretch if possible as this is just as important as the workout itself.
  • Is my partner/housemate/friend allowed to join in?
    Of course! Make it a team effort!
  • Can beginners join?
    Absolutely! Our classes are beginners-friendly and open to people from any age, gender and level of experience. In each class there will be variations and modifications on offer, so please pick the variation/level that is right for you. Listen to your body at all times and do what feels right. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Zhivka directly.
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